Newest Goochie M8 Digital Permanent Makeup Machine

    Newest Goochie M8 Digital Permanent Makeup Machine
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    Product detail information:

    Full disposable cartridge system handpiece                       

    1.Special Miro-needles function.
    2. Process of forming a power supply,EU standard, internationally applied(100V-240V)
    3. High quality of machine:Work stably!
    4. The max speed is more than 28000rpm/min, the min is 10000rpm/min.
    5.Small noise,less than 15 dB
    6. Suitable for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip, also for micro-needles&small tattoo design
    7. All parts of the machine used aseptic packaging sterilization, achieved the world health standard
    8. Machine fuselage use disposable sterile design, pigment to prevent the return of effectively isolate the virus to prevent cross-infection of the bacteria.


    Digital Intelligent Rotary Control System 


    1.Ultra-precision, metal wiredrawing craft ,aluminum panel control system


    2.3.5 inches intelligent digital displayer


    3.Digital touch LED screen,  easy and convenient operation


    4.Can Supply power for two handpiece at the same time