Newest Nano Microneedle for Derma Pen
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    Newest Nano Microneedle for Derma Pen

    Medical injection,Rejuvenation: Skin tightening, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
    Meso-Glow: Administration of vitamins and other agents for anti-ageing
    Acne Scar Reduction: Reduce depth of permanent acne scars and pits
    Stretch Mark Reduction
    Stimulation of Hair Growth (Premature Balding)
    Skin Whitening (Melasma)
    Skin Tightening

    Advantages of Collagen Induction Therapy

    Minimal risks
    Cost Effective
    Short healing period
    No permanent skin damage
    No increase in sun sensitivity
    Performed under topical anaesthesia
    All skin types can be treated
    Thin or pre-lasered skin can be treated
    Body produces natural collagen for long-lasting results
    Enhanced penetration of applied products
    *we offer OEM and ODM services.